Richard L. Stieg, MD,MHS
Board Certified in Neurology,Pain Medicine and Addiction Medicine

Following completion of neurological training in 1967 at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C.,  Dr. Stieg served as Chief of Staff of the Neurology Department and as a flight surgeon in the US Air Force Medical Corp at Wilford Hall Hospital in San Antonio Texas.- until 1971.  Duties included clinical practice and medical education of interns and residents as well as attending to the needs of flight personnel.

 From 1971 to 1977 Dr. Stieg was in private clinical practice of general neurology in Boulder and for 3 years concurrently served as Assistant Chief of the Neurology Department at Denver General Hospital (now Denver Health), a half-time paid academic position.

 In late 1977 Dr. Stieg founded the Boulder Memorial Hospital Pain Center, the first multidisciplinary outpatient and inpatient pain treatment program in the state of Colorado.  Duties included patient care, medical education of nurses and other allied healthcare givers, program development, clinical research, and medical supervision of the pain treatment teams.  After leaving the Boulder Memorial Hospital 5 years later Dr. Stieg founded the Colorado Rehabilitation Institute in Boulder, an outpatient multidisciplinary pain treatment center.  Duties continued to be care of patients, program development, and training of allied health personnel, clinical research, and medical supervision of the treatment teams. 

 Over the subsequent years, Dr. Stieg has founded, directed, seen patients and taught in a variety of other clinical settings and geographical locations in Boulder, Broomfield, Aurora and Denver, Colorado and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Currently Dr. Stieg sees patients in a private practice in Frisco, Colorado.  Professional duties and clinical private practice has continued the same throughout these settings, which have been privately owned, hospital based, or within academic institutions (University of Pittsburgh 1987 to 1989).   

Dr. Stieg continued academic teaching on a volunteer basis until 2007 when he retired from the neurology staff at The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.  While at the University of Pittsburgh as an Associate Professor of Anesthesia and Neurology Dr. Stieg maintained residences in Pittsburgh and Berthoud, Colorado and continued consulting and teaching at the Colorado programs which he had founded and previously directed.

 In 1994 Dr. Stieg was recruited by The Colorado Compensation Insurance Authority as Medical Director of that quasi-governmental insurance company providing workers' compensation benefits to Colorado employees.  The company changed its name to Pinnacol Assurance during his 8-year tenure.  During that time Dr. Stieg's duties included development of a statewide PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) -like organization consisting of primary care and specialty physicians specially trained to offer workers' compensation care in Colorado.  He also greatly expanded the in-house nursing and large part-time Physician Advisory Panel at Pinnacol Assurance.  He served the Division of Workers' Compensation in the state of Colorado as a taskforce member of 3 different committees that developed medical treatment guidelines in the workers' compensation system.  Throughout his 8 years at Colorado Compensation Insurance Authority and Pinnacol Assurance, Dr. Stieg maintained some clinical practice between 1 and 2 ½ days per week , seeing pain patients in various clinical settings.


Dr. Stieg has been a strong advocate of volunteerism and has spent much of his career serving a variety of not for profit organizations (see curriculum vitae for details) as a writer, editor, website developer, teacher, researcher, and member of numerous committees and boards of directors.  In 1994 he served as the 10thpresident of the American Academy of Pain Medicine.